The reflective letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays – 500 words

The reflective letter – Essay Example

The assignments you provided were a great basis of information which has enabled me to refer to when drafting my papers.

By reading my peer’s papers I gained a lot of knowledge because of the many different topics under discussion. I realized that I am good peer responder than I thought. I am now able to find errors in the writings of other people.

The peer responses I received enabled me to correct my papers as I took all the advice and used it to improve my paper. I get the feeling that my peers are my audience and their responses are helpful to me as I understand my paper.

When I chose to write about breaking up with my childhood girlfriend it was difficult for me, but it also helped me psychologically as sharing of feelings reduces the emotional hurt. I have learnt to accept the break up and move on.

I overcame a lot of emotional feelings to be able to write a paper that enabled me to understand the situation and also help my audience to understand. I used my personal information and researched information. I used my personal experience to break up the information.

It was not easy to come up with a final draft paper as I had to write many drafts. Every draft had a new concept to my paper. Even my classmates wrote different drafts to come up with a final draft. This enabled us to combine our ideas and put them together.

My research on the internet, library, and personal interview enabled me to understand what I really wanted for my focus was clear as I worked on every draft. My research was an eye opener to new information. The research helped me understand my break up and be able to integrate it to my audience.

I realized that this class helped me to improve my writing skills. These skills will be of great help at present and in future. Although I am not a perfect writer I believe I am a descent writer. I am now able to approach any writing assignments with an open mind.

Computer classes were very helpful to me. The chat room

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